Salsa dancing with Sam Newland

Either you LOVE to dance, or you wish you could—don’t we all fall into one of those two categories? If you’re in the latter, you’ll definitely want to take Sam Newland’s intro to salsa class.

sam newland

We love that you started salsa lessons to prove to yourself that you could dance! Tell us about that evolution. What do you say to people who really want to lose their inhibitions around dancing?

Thanks! Dancing has definitely been an evolution to say the least. I went from never dancing (unless you consider Miley Cyrus’s VMA performance dancing!) and actively avoiding any kind of technical dance to now wondering what people fill their time with if they don’t dance. Dancing truly has gone from something I did to prove to myself to a real core part of my lifestyle. A lot of people dance to reduce stress—which it certainly does. But I dance not only because I know it is great for my mind and body, but truly because I cannot imagine my life without dancing.

The reason being is exactly what I used to tell new students who are just starting to let go of the stigmas, stress, and inhibitions surrounding dancing public. I tell them this Maya Angelou quote: “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Where and with whom do you perform?

I perform with Mambo Revelation. It is directed by the only World Latin Cup Qualifier Champion in Boston, Mariano Neris. And Revelation House of Dance will be finding a home as a studio in Boston sometime in 2014. Keep on the lookout! I am very excited!

The group is less than one year old and has performed as far west as Saint Louis, as far south as Orlando, and will be performing as far north as Montreal and Niagara Falls in 2014. And, of course, we perform right at our home in Beantown at local Salsa venues in Cambridge and at the annual Boston Salsa Festival.

Can you get an actual workout through salsa dancing?

Of course! One thing I will say is that the salsa class is not where you will get your workout. Most of the workout happens when you get all dressed up and go out dancing with thirty new friends. In fact, you burn so many calories that the government helps fund a summer tradition called Salsa in the Park because dancing is good for the community and people’s health.

All you need to know is that if you get the Latin fever or the salsa bug (as people like to call it), you will have no trouble breaking a sweat after dancing a few songs in a row! Now do that for three hours!

salsa matei

Skillshare participants don’t need any prior dance experience, but is the class suitable for all fitness levels?

Yes! If you can walk, you can salsa!

If Skillshare students catch the salsa bug (and we bet they will!), are you available for lessons? What other local resources are available for the budding dancer?

Yes! Just ask for my business card or information, and we can work that out. And if my schedule does not work for private lessons, I can refer you to salsa instructors whom I trust and will best fit your needs.

I believe there are six different salsa companies just in the Cambridge area by itself. They are all unique and special in their own ways, and I have taken classes from nearly all of them.

If you like my style of teaching or want to develop fully as a dancer, Mariano Neris will be opening Revelation House of Dance in Boston with Zumba and five other types of dance classes available: Salsa, Bachata, West Coast Swing, Ballet, and Hip Hop. Revelation House of Dance really excites me for two reasons. One, it sounds like a vacation home I would never leave. And two, I have found that training in multiple styles of dance significantly increases the rate at which people improve at any style of dance.


We hope to find you dancin’ it up at Sam’s class at the Armory this Sunday! In the meantime, check out his Youtube channel.

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