Skillshare 2014 – Classes & Schedule

UPDATE 2/26/14 – After much deliberation and shuffling around, we’re happy to finally launch the official Somerville Skillshare ScheduleClick on the link to open up the PDF.

Classes are 50 minutes long unless noted otherwise.

How To Make Physical Things With Computers 

swirl lamp, 3d printing

Taught by Jenna Fizel

The class will cover the basics of digital fabrication: in other words, how to go from an idea you can code to a physical object. We’ll also briefly cover different digital manufacturing processes (3D printing, laser cutting, CNC, vinyl cutting) and then do a customizable project that shows some of the constraints of one of those technologies. Open to people 17+. Some programming experience encouraged but not required. Participants will leave with a 3D object made of foam or wood that they design using code.

Basic Bicycle Maintenance

Taught by Emily Thibodeau


This class will cover the basics any cyclist can do at home to keep their bike working well. Topics include:  fixing flat tires, proper use of chain lube, proper tire pressure and how to tell if it’s time for a tune-up.

Basic Silkscreen Printing

Taught by Liz Corkery

silkscreen print

The class will talk participants through the process of silkscreen printing. Pre-prepared screens will allow participants to pull a silkscreen print in colors of their own choosing on either a tote bag or poster paper.

Beaded Jewelry Making

Taught by Rebecca D’Antonio

photo 2

Students will learn about the various tools and materials needed to construct a simple jewelry set of earrings and a necklace. During the class students will construct the set and be able to keep their jewelry as a take-away gift when the class concludes.

Brew Like a Barrista

Taught by Ellen Blanchette

brew like a barrista

In this class, participants will get to brew and taste different coffees, as well as learn important variables of the basic chemistry of coffee preparation. Come away more informed about the coffees you buy and drink, as well as how to better prepare them at home.

CPR and First Aid

Taught by Sarah Clark


This class will teach you a shortened version of a CPR and First Aid course. A certification WILL NOT be given but you will learn how to react to medical emergencies appropriately and effectively. The goal of the course is to provide life-saving skills in an easy to remember, simplified form.

Creative Photography

Taught by Ileana Hernandez


Canadian and renowned artist Jeff Wall, divides photographers in 2 categories: Hunters and Farmers. The first makes reference to those who capture images as they find them in the world, while the last one refers to those artists who develop an idea and construct images based on those ideas. On Creative Photography: From Imagination to Reality, putting as example her own creative process and the work of famous photographers, Ileana will talk about how you can become a “farmer” that develops images according to your interests and beliefs.

Digital DJing

Taught by K. Adam White


The class is intended to introduce attendees to Mixx (, a free and open-source DJ program. We will go over a quick intro to the “art” (scare quotes) of DJing, cover the basics of the Mixxx interface, and then work on weaving different songs together into an actual mix. Because Mixxx is free, all attendees will be able to go home and keep practicing their DJing skills!

Don’t Just Make Art, Make Something

Taught by Miranda Aisling


Art can be an intimidating word, so intimidating that it can stop people from making anything at all.  That’s why this class focuses on just making something.  Because everyone can just make something. Stop by to play with materials, try some projects, and just experiment!  You may be surprised by just how creative you actually are.

Duct Tape Sculptures

Taught by Jacob Larocca

duct tape sculpture

I will be teaching a class on intermediate to advanced duct tape construction techniques.  This will not be a class about how to make clothes, bags, or anything you have ever seen before.  This class will teach you new ways to use duct tape to create 3D objects, and structures using a unique technique.  Come with an idea of a prop, model or building you would like to model!

Felted Orbs

Taught by Jodi Colella

felted orbs

Build your own organic growth! Learn the technique of needlefelting with wool and a barbed needle. Create a 3-dimensional orb while exploring the unique qualities of this material and process.

Fermentation For Taste, Preservation, and Nutrition

Taught by Jane Hammer

lacto fermenting

Jane will demo lacto-fermenting vegetables as part of covering the many ways (besides canning) to preserve and enjoy local food for winter eating. The class will include tips for those who are short on time and some of the “how it works” behind fermenting and food storage. Jane is the marketing, distribution, and education director of Shared Harvest CSA, a multiple-farm winter vegetable farm share.

From Farm to Table

Taught by Erin and Blake Geno

vegetable 1

This class is designed to show participants methods to source their food locally and sustainably. We acknowledge that every person has different circumstances (budget, space, food habits, etc.) and thus will focus more on the approach and less on one specific outline. By the end of the class we hope that each participant will feel empowered to eat locally in a way that compliments their lifestyle. **This class will be heavily discussion oriented so come prepared with any questions you may have!

Home Composting

Taught by Adam Jankauskus

city compost

This class will cover the various aspects of home composting. We will cover the different ways food scraps break down, the organisms involved, the tools of the trade, and most importantly how to maintain an active, odor-free pile.

How To Be A Good Tenant

Taught by Todd Kaplan

This class will fill you in on your rights and responsibilities as a tenant and discuss strategies for resolving typical landlord/tenant conflicts. We will learn about security deposits, how and when to report a problem to the board of health and how to foster good clear communications with your landlord. We will touch on how evictions work and services available to you and to resolve conflicts with your landlord. I will not be able to provide legal advice on your issues but feel free to bring general questions that we can discuss together.

Imaginary Mapmaking

Taught by Emily Garfield

imaginary mapmaking

In this class, participants (artistic and otherwise—everyone is welcome!) will be encouraged to explore ideas of line and composition through the lens of cartography. Participants will learn techniques to organically “grow” map-like drawings from the shapes of familiar places, from stylized land forms, or completely from their own imagination.

Indoor Gardening

Taught by Vilma F. Sullivan

indoor basil

This class teaches individuals the basics of indoor gardening. We’ll look at how to raise herbs and lettuce on a window sill and discuss how these skills can be transferred outdoors to gardens. Taught by Vilma F. Sullivan, Massachusetts Principal Master Gardener and Somerville resident.

Intro to Contact Staff

Taught by Eric Tondreau


An introductory course to the skill-toy known as Contact staff, a blend of dance, object manipulation, and performance that focuses on moving and dancing with a staff without grabbing it in your hand, emphasizing body rolls and impressive feats of balancing and movement. Participants will learn the basic ideas and movements necessary to begin practicing the art of contact staff, and will learn exercises that promote coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and flexibility.

Intro to Creative Writing

Taught by Camille DeAngelis

creative writing

You’ve been telling stories since you were old enough to speak. Starting with the conviction that everyone can and should write, we’ll play with “loosening up” exercises to open you up to the joys of the creative process. You’ll walk away from this class with a list of resources for honing your craft and strategies to help you develop a consistent (and consistently fun!) writing practice of your own.

Intro to Parkour

Taught by Blake Evitt


This introductory class will cover basic techniques of Parkour including basic vaulting , jumping, rolling, balancing, and navigating a small course. Session goals include: improved spatial awareness and coordination, introduction to new skills, and having fun with movement. Open to people of all ages (6-65+) and physical/athletic backgrounds.

Intro to Poi Juggling

Taught by Kevin Gao

This class will focus on teaching the basics of ‘poi’, an ancient skill toy originating in maori culture. Through this class I will explain basic patterns and concepts that will allow you to spin poi freely and fluidly. Through poi, you may find a wonderful new way to connect with play and creativity.

Intro to Salsa Dancing

Taught by Sam Newland

salsa matei

This class will teach the basics of Salsa and Merengue. No previous experience or partner required. The goals are to have fun, learn how to dance, and meet new people!

Intro to Songwiting

Taught by Zack Hankins

zack hankins

This class will teach students how to write better lyrics, and how to structure songs properly. We’ll look at examples of great contemporary and classic songwriting for inspiration.

Intro to Storytelling

Taught by Paula Junn

In this class, we will learn the basics of crafting and telling a personal story from real lived experiences using sense memory, journalistic questions, and a story arc.

Intro to Yoga

Taught by Ana Schreck

Experience yoga with an introduction to basic meditation, breathing techniques, and physical poses to find balance between effort and ease in your life. Learn what works for you and leave with a sense of how to practice yoga on your own. This class is for all ages and all abilities – beginners welcome! Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat or towel, if possible.

Investing and Stock Market Principles

Taught by Alex Teixeira

stock market

Investing and Stock Market Principles will go over the basics of what a stock is, discuss why stock prices change, and discuss the difference between investing and speculating. The class is not designed to offer “personal finance” advice, but rather will attempt to explain in layman terms the confusing concept of what exactly the stock market is.

Link Stitch Bookbinding

Taught by Athena Moore

Moore, Athena - Work Photo

The exposed sewing of the link stitch binding is not only attractive, but also opens perfectly flat, making it great for drawing or journaling. This workshop will be an engaging and enjoyable entry into the world of bookbinding. Participants will have the opportunity to make at least one (if not two!) blank books.

Make Your Own Tofu

Taught by Jude Shabry

Let yourself be amazed at how different and delicious fresh, homemade tofu is from storebought. Learn how to make tofu from start to finish and get to sample your finished product!

Online Tools for Community Organizers

Taught by Mike Connolly

Skillshare logo

The class will focus on ways to combine the power of online organizing and social media with good, old fashioned outreach, networking, and involvement in the real (offline) world. Taught by Mike Connolly, former candidate for MA State Rep, community advocate, and organizer behind Cambridge’s NetZero campaign

Origami 101

Taught by Andrew Anselmo

Origami 101

Origami 101 – This class will focus on the basics of origami, the art and science of paperfolding. Origami is a low-cost, low-impact, go-anywhere maker skill. Participants can learn how to read origami diagrams, and fold models such as a cup, grasshopper, and penguin.   Time permitting, modular origami will be taught.   Ages 7 and up.

Business Marketing Tips for Artists and Crafters

Taught by Emily Worden

An essential class for artists and crafters who are serious about turning their hobby into a successful business. Learn secret strategies to gain exposure and increase sales including: super sleuth social media strategy, targeting influential people, and writing effective press releases. Prerequisites include passion and determination. Bring something to take notes on – you’ll use it!

How to Start a Worker-Owned Co-op

Taught by Yochai Gai


Are you interested in owning your own business – but sharing the responsibility with others? Do you believe in the democracy in the workplace? Yochai Gal of Boston TechCollective will reveal the ins and outs of being a worker-owner at a democratically run business.  He will provide background, history and real-world descriptions of worker co-ops and how they fit into the new economy.  He’ll also provide step-by-step information for starting a worker co-op in the state of Massachusetts.

Stylize Your Space: Techniques for Modernizing Wooden Furniture

Taught by Anita Shriver

During the class, I will discuss  and demonstrate the techniques for updating and transforming wooden furniture such as sanding, staining, painting, and more.  Each participant will get a wooden picture frame to work on during the class, that will then be theirs to take home.  This class is for anyone who is interested in DIY, design, and good jokes (the jokes might not be good).

Tai Chi

Taught by Judith Poole

tai chi

This class will be an introduction to the first moves of Tai Chi. How much we cover depends on the familiarity of participants and how quickly they pick up on the moves. However, just the opening moves can be of great benefit so how much we do isn’t as important. Participants will be able to get a feel for working with their vital energy. Open to all ages and backgrounds.

Taking Better Pictures With Any Camera

Taught by Edie Shimel


This class will teach you how to take better pictures, no matter what type of camera you’re using. This includes cell phone cameras, point and shoots, DSLR’s, film cameras and more. We’ll cover the basics of how cameras work, elements of strong composition (rule of thirds, diagonal lines, and framing), the ever elusive meaning of megapixels, file size settings for particular types of images, and best practices for storing and archiving photographs, digital files and film. Participants are encouraged, though not required, to bring their cameras to the class.

Urban Beekeeping

Taught by The Best Bees Company 

Best Bees

This introductory course to beekeeping will provide a basic overview of all things honey bee, with special concern paid to urban beekeeping. Students will engage in typical beekeeping activities (indoors) and have all questions answered!

Yarn Mandalas

Taught by Tonya White

Yarn Mandala

Create yarn mandalas as we experience the centering and meditative qualities of working in a circular form.  The technique involves gluing strands of yarn to a flat surface, exploring color and texture in a focused and gentle way.  We will discus many life dynamics that come to play, such as finding a balance of planning and intuition. Participants will leave with a completed yarn mandala.

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