Creative Photography – Ileana Hernandez

Ileana is a Mexican Photographer and Visual Artist and member of Washington Street Art Center in Somerville. Her work has been exhibit and publicized internationally. Last year she earned a Post-Baccalaureate certification in Photography from MassArt. Ileana has been working on the Animal Nature project since 2012, constructing images that portray her adaptation to a new environment where her main companions are her tireless pets.


Canadian and renowned artist Jeff Wall, divides photographers in 2 categories: Hunters and Farmers. The first makes reference to those who capture images as they find them in the world, while the last one refers to those artists who develop an idea and construct images based on those ideas. On Creative Photography: From Imagination to Reality, putting as example her own creative process and the work of famous photographers, Ileana will talk about how you can become a “farmer” that develops images according to your interests and beliefs.


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