Digital DJing – K.Adam White

k.adam white

I’m a Somerville resident who’s been an amateur DJ for about ten years; I played parties regularly in and after college using a variety of DJ software tools. It’s an exciting time to learn how to DJ—for the first time we have an open-source program (Mixxx) that can challenge the power of professional DJ software. (Feature-limited free versions exist for tools like VirtualDJ, but Mixxx is the first fully-featured DJ program that is 100% free to use from the ground up.) I’m also the Boston WordPress organizer, and write Javascript for Bocoup. You can find me at

This class is intended to introduce attendees to free DJ software such as Mixx, a free and open-source DJ program, and the free Home version of Virtual DJ. We will go over a quick intro to the core skills of DJing, then cover the basics of the software interface, and finally work on weaving different songs together into an actual mix. Because these programs are free, all attendees will be able to go home and keep practicing their DJing skills!


I think Skillshare is a great way to further strengthen the great local maker community we have here in Somerville. Participating lets me share a passion of mine with friends and neighbors, and I look forward to developing my thoughts about digital DJing into a form that will work in a short class format.

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