Don’t Make Art, Just Make Something – Miranda Aisling

As an author, painter, and singer-songwriter, Miranda Aisling (ash-lean) spends all her time making things. This past year, Miranda captured her creative process in her new book, Don’t Make Art, Just Make Something. A resident of Somerville, she has traveled across Greater Boston teaching for the Museum of Fine Arts and leading community art projects all in the name of reconnecting art to daily life.

Miranda Hynes - MBC Senior 2011


“As both a visual artist and a community artist, I am deeply interested in the role that the community plays in art. This event is a perfect example of what can happen when people put their mins together to bring art out of the museum and back onto the street.”



Art can be an intimidating word, so intimidating that it can stop people from making anything at all.  That’s why this class focuses on just making something.  Because everyone can just make something. Stop by to play with materials, try some projects, and just experiment!  You may be surprised by just how creative you actually are.

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