From Farm to Table – Erin and Blake Geno

We are pretty typical Somervillians that happen to have been sourcing >85% of our food from local farms since 2008. Both of us have day jobs, have done the Sept 1st move and managed a farm to table lifestyle in one bedroom apartments. We have been described anywhere from “committed locavores” to “those crazy people with the whole pig in their freezer” and hope to share our experiences with you.

Erin and Blake Geno


This class is designed to show participants methods to source their food locally and sustainably. We acknowledge that every person has different circumstances (budget, space, food habits, etc.) and thus will focus more on the approach and less on one specific outline. By the end of the class we hope that each participant will feel empowered to eat locally in a way that compliments their lifestyle. **This class will be heavily discussion oriented so come prepared with any questions you may have!

vegetable 1

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