Intro to Contact Staff – Eric Tondreau

I’m a junior at Tufts University majoring in Cognitive and Brain Sciences, but in what little free time I have I like to set big sticks on fire and dance with them. I am one of the members of the Tufts Jumbo Jugglers, which has a close relationship with the Medford Spinjam, a group of spinning and flowtoy enthusiasts in the greater boston area, who meet once a week at Tufts for an open unlit and fire practice, and organize larger object manipulation events.


I’ll be teaching introductory course to the skill-toy known as Contact staff, a blend of dance, object manipulation, and performance that focuses on moving and dancing with a staff without grabbing it in your hand, emphasizing body rolls and impressive feats of balancing and movement. Participants will learn the basic ideas and movements necessary to begin practicing the art of contact staff, and will learn exercises that promote coordination, kinesthetic awareness, and flexibility.

For more details on Eric’s class, read our Q&A on the blog!

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