Intro to Parkour – Blake Evitt

Blake, a lifelong Somerville resident, is a Level 2 qualified ADAPT instructor (the only international parkour teaching certification endorsed by Parkour’s founders) and has been teaching parkour around the world since 2010. A Thomas J. Watson Fellow who spent a year studying parkour internationally, Blake is the Director of Parkour Generations Americas, which offers parkour classes in Somerville and around the country. His work was recently covered by The Boston Globe

Headshot - Blake 01

This introductory class will cover basic techniques of Parkour including basic vaulting , jumping, rolling, balancing, and navigating a small course. Session goals include: improved spatial awareness and coordination, introduction to new skills, and having fun with movement. Open to people of all ages (6-65+) and physical/athletic backgrounds.


“I’m a Somerville native and I see this as a way to give back to my city exposing a new audience to parkour and a new (fun and functional) method of keeping fit.”

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