Link Stitch Bookbinding – Athena Moore

Athena Moore has been binding books for ten years. She is a graduate of the North Bennet Street School and works out of Washington Street Studios in Somerville, MA. From 9-5, she is a book conservator at the Northeast Document Conservation Center.Moore, Athena - Bio Photo

The exposed sewing of the link stitch binding is not only attractive, but also opens perfectly flat, making it great for drawing or journaling. This workshop will be an engaging and enjoyable entry into the world of bookbinding. Participants will have the opportunity to make at least one (if not two!) blank books.

Moore, Athena - Work Photo


“I have been a Somerville resident for a few years now and have been becoming more and more active in the artist community . I am constantly surprised and inspired by the opportunities afforded to artists in our area and by the work that is put out by them. I’ve taught several workshops to different levels of students in the last year and have really enjoyed being able to teach people more about a lesser known craft!”


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