Stylize Your Space: Techniques for Modernizing Wooden Furniture – Anita Shriver

My name is Anita Shriver and I’m a Somerville resident, set designer, interior decorating enthusiast, and collector of old fashion magazines. Ultimately, my work is about making spaces as beautiful and interesting as possible because we all deserve to love our surroundings.



“Somerville Skillshare sounds like such a great way to foster creativity in the community, as well as supporting local artists. I’ve personally always been excited by the idea of ‘teaching’ some of the skills I’ve learned as a designer.

During the class, I will discuss  and demonstrate the techniques for updating and transforming wooden furniture such as sanding, staining, painting, and more.  Each participant will get a wooden picture frame to work on during the class, that will then be theirs to take home.  This class is for anyone who is interested in DIY, design, and good jokes (the jokes might not be good).

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