Urban Beekeeping – Jacqueline Beaupré

The Best Bees Company is a group of experienced beekeepers that raises money for research to improve honey bee health by providing beekeeping services to residents and businesses throughout eastern Massachusetts and beyond.Best Bees Company photo

Beekeeping is a remarkable opportunity for people to connect with nature and engage in making the world a better place. Honey bees are vitally important. They pollinate over 130 fruit and vegetable crops, and produce many products that humanity enjoys, such as honey and wax. Honey bee populations have declined dramatically over recent decades, putting our global food supply at risk. Somerville Skillshare is an opportunity for us to talk about this, and teach all participants what they can do to help.

Best Bees

This introductory course to beekeeping, taught by Jacqueline Beaupre, will provide a basic overview of all things honey bee, with special concern paid to urban beekeeping. Students will engage in typical beekeeping activities (indoors) and have all questions answered!

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