Yarn Mandalas – Tonya White

Tonya is a graduate of Lesley University’s Expressive Therapies program with an undergraduate degree in Studio Arts. She has practiced and taught a variety of visual arts as well as movement, acting, writing and more! She is the type of artist who likes to explore many materials and techniques and translate the creative practices into learning about life.

Tonya White


“I love to share the art techniques that I explore with others. As soon as I get excited about something I am immediately thinking about who I would share it with and how I would teach/communicate the techniques and concepts. I think that a gathering of community members sharing with one another is a great idea for connecting and expanding.”

Yarn Mandala


Create yarn mandalas as we experience the centering and meditative qualities of working in a circular form.  The technique involves gluing strands of yarn to a flat surface, exploring color and texture in a focused and gentle way.  We will discus many life dynamics that come to play, such as finding a balance of planning and intuition.


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