Monthly Series

After a summer break, our next free workshop will be on Wednesday, October 25th from 7 to 8:30 PM in the Armory Cafe!

Reading Tarot, Angel and Oracle Cards

This is a fun, hands-on “crash course,” where participants will learn easy ways to tap into their own psychic, or intuitive, gifts and read tarot, angel and oracle cards for the divine highest good of themselves and others. Peyton will share details of his own professional and spiritual reading practice, including powerful meditation, prayer work, psychic protection, and angel communication.

Keep in mind that this is one of our smaller Skillshares, with only 6 available seats. You’ll want to sign up in advance by clicking here. And if you have to cancel, be sure to let us know so we can open up the slot for someone else!

What’s our next Skillshare? You tell us!

We’re also on the hunt for new Skillshares for our November and December sessions. Do you have a skill you want to share? Do you have a skill you want to learn? Let us know! Any craft, ability, or expertise that you want to pass on to others is fair game! Just let us know what you want to teach or learn by emailing

We can’t wait to hear from you!

Past monthly workshops

  • Building Your Best Terrarium – June 2017
  • Making Better Signs – May 2017
  • Texture Backgrounds in Watercolor – May 2017
  • All About Astrology – April 2017
  • Social Justice Poetry – April 2017
  • Urban Herbal Gardening – March 2017
  • Upcycled Tie Dye Mandalas – February 2017
  • Dream Work – January 2017
  • Guided Mediation – December 2016
  • Aromatherapy for Cold and Flu Season – November 2016
  • Essential Oils and their Benefits – October 2016
  • Honeys, Beekeeping and the Environment – September 2016
  • Experience the Art of Impermanence – August 2016
  • Rangoli The Ancient Sand Art of India – July 2016
  • Make Your Own Herbal First Aid Kit – June 2016
  • Easy Origami and Friends – May 2016
  • Floral Design – March 2016
  • How to Have Awesome Meetings: Basic Facilitation Skills – February 2016
  • Upcycling Aesthetic – January 2016
  • Cooking with Lentils – January 2016
  • Link Stitch Bookbinding – December 2015
  • An Introduction to Visual Thinking – November 2015
  • Organize Your Space – October 2015
  • How to Have the Perfect Picnic – September 2015
  • Stylize Your Space: Chair Edition – August 2015
  • Creative Photography – July 2015
  • Basics of Vermicomposting – June 2015
  • Introduction to Knitting – May 2015
  • Educator Skills for Artists & Crafters – April 2015
  • Soapmaking with Somerville Soapworks – March 2015
  • Don’t Make Art, Just Make Something – February 2015
  • Imaginary Mapmaking – January 2015

Photos from “Soapmaking with Somerville Soapworks,” taught in March 2015 

soap and crowd good 2 soap cutter soapmaking crowd good

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